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Modern Domains has been buying and selling premier domain names since 1999. We are proud to provide affordable prices for high quality domain names for businesses who are looking to make a real impact with their online branding. Don't settle for a long, confusing website name. Get a short, memorable URL that your potential customers will easily remember. Make an impact with a powerful, dynamic domain name.

Modern Domains is a division of Momentum Technology Corporation. For 20 years, Momentum Technology Corporation has been utilizing strategic website promotion techniques and affiliate programs to make e-commerce successful.

Our mission is to scour the internet for the last few quality domain names that are still available. These names are then published on this site and also distributed to our customer list and website mailing list. We specifically seek out domain names that contain popular search keywords. 

We focus on premium small business domains and branding opportunities. View our list of trending business and keyword domain names that will improve your business exposure and strengthen your brand.

We have also recently developed essential tools which will allow us to provide Domain Name Consulting Services on a limited basis. If you are in need of a web identity and cannot find a suitable domain name available, then please feel free to contact us. If you provide us with the general concept for your name, we will utilize our resources to find the best matches for you that are still available. General fees range from $75 to $150 for a long list of recommended and available domain names.

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If interested in purchasing domains, domain consulting or have general questions, please contact us below or by phone at (323) 742-0930. 


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